Our Philosophy: Open Source

Decentralized innovation

Built on trust

The Linux Foundation Method

Proven methodology and cutting edge technology for setting up, running and scaling a successful project from the people who wrote the book on open technology

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Open... what?

The world runs on open source

The Linux Foundation enables companies to drive global innovation by growing open technology ecosystem that transform industries.


of supercomputers use Linux


of global auto shipments supported by OEMs using Automotive Grade Linux


of public cloud providers use Kubernetes


of the Fortune Top 50 enterprise blockchain deployments use Hyperledger


of global mobile subscribers use devices run on networks build using ONAP

1 Billion

security certificates issued by the largest certificate authority in the world: Let's Encrypt

Pordenone Linux User Group

The Pordenone Linux User Group (PN LUG) is an IT cultural association that deals with operating systems based on the Linux kernel, Free Software, Open Source technologies and culture.

The association aims to disseminate information technology with particular reference to software.

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Italian Odoo Community

We spread Odoo in Italy giving a structured form and support to the Italian community.

The Association aims to promote the dissemination of the community version of Odoo in Italy and give a structured form and support to the Italian community.

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Bari - Odoo days Italy 2021
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Firenze - Odoo Days Italy 2019